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How would you engineer a new colony of freedom lovers?

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How would you engineer a new colony of freedom lovers? Empty How would you engineer a new colony of freedom lovers?

Post  Shelby Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:38 pm

I have this crazy thought to get a bunch of silver & gold investors together and buy 10,000 acres in Patagonia and create an internal economy that is not taxed and all money is gold and silver. The idea would be that no outside currency can be used within the private grounds, and it would become it's own exporting economy. I haven't thought through all the details yet, but I am thinking that when someone exports they would earn fiat, so they could then save that or buy gold or import goods or whatever (complete freedom for the residents of the private ranch), but inside the ranch no transactions can be conducted in fiat. Any one caught transacting in fiat for products not exported or imported, would be kicked out. I need to think out the handling of crimes, but essentially anyone who murders would be kicked out. All other issues could be settled by binding arbitration (e.g. theft, etc).

I am sure the above idea can't work, as I think it goes against the Bible, but I need to take time to think about why and how.


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How would you engineer a new colony of freedom lovers? Empty My views on immigration have changed significantly since March 2006

Post  Shelby Wed Oct 21, 2009 1:21 pm

I wrote the following in March 2006. I have since come to believe that we need no controls on immigration whatsoever, and that any centralized force is negative for all those involved, because of the expanding pie. Refer to the Catherine Austin Fitts interview for the math on that.

Perfect Immigration Solution

The following proposal is a "win-win" solution that will appease both anti-immigration and pro-immigration groups.

The Proposal

Excluding legal immigrants already in USA and future citizen family reunification immigration, all immigrant applicants will be required to pay $1 million to the US government, which the US government will distribute equally among all US citizens via a yearly rebate on individual income tax returns. All special immigrant visas (other than citizen family reunification) will be eliminated-- every immigrant will wait in same line and follow same procedure. Citizenship will be granted to the immigrant immediately upon full payment of the $1 million, but only after a minimum of two years residence in USA. Immigrant applicants which do not have $1 million, may sign a $1 million IOU to the US government with an adjustable interest rate equal to the 30 year Treasury Bond, the US government will immediately dispurse the $1 million to the US citizens, and a 30% tax will be accessed against the immigrant's wages until the $1 million plus interest has been fully repaid. The 30% tax will be deducted by employers, in the same manner as FICA is currently deducted. The immigrant will also be responsible for paying all taxes that citizens do.

Each member of an immigrant's family is an immigrant and must pay $1 million. Children of immigrants born on US soil do not have to pay $1 million, but they will not receive citizenship until one of their parents has earned citizenship. Any immigrant who defaults on their $1 million loan or who is convicted of a felony, will be deported along with their children, even if the children were born on US soil. If both parents are immigrants, and only one of the parents has qualified for deportation, then the children may remain in the USA with the other parent. If any of the terms of this proposed law are overruled by a court, then the entire law is voided, and all legal and illegal immigrants must be deported within one year of such a court nullification.

Congress will decide the annual quotas and country distribution for immigrant applications, with applicants accepted on a first-to-file basis and a proposed $3000 filing fee, except that ideological fairness aside due to the practical issues of current quagmire, all existing illegal immigrants in the USA will receive first priority.

Inseparable from this proposed law, must be provisions to achieve 50% reduction in illegal immigrants present in USA within one year, 80% reduction within two years, 95% reduction within 3 years, and 99% of all immigrants in USA being legal from five years forward. These provisions must include a strict employer enforcement, backed by the threat of fines and criminal charges from the IRS, as part of the requirement to deduct the 30% tax from all wages of immigrants. Also a physical fence must be erected along the entire length of the southern border, which will also serve to prevent terrorists from casually transgressing. And it would be nice if languages other than English would be banned from use by businesses, e.g. touchtone phone systems, etc.. A nation with 100 languages can not be economically strong and cohesive. Secondary languages should only be allowed in remedial educational curriculum, with students held back in a grade level if not passing English proficiency exams for that grade level. Immigrant children who are unable to graduate high school by age 21, will be deported.

Only citizens are allowed to vote.

There is a successful precedent as Canada allowed many of the rich in Hong Kong to immigrate to Vancouver before the turn over to China, for $1 million per citizenship granted. Visit Vancouver and see the awesome result. Wealthy, efficient, and modern!

Anti-Immigration Appeasement

The powerful pro-immigration forces in our economy are going to get the immigration irregardless, unless or until the citizens form a massive revolt, because the forces driving immigration are pervasive and ubiquitous. Without this proposal, continued immigration dilutes citizens of their inherent ancestrial sacrifice and ownership of the nation. Citizens lose more than they gain, especially being responsible to pay taxes to service the immigrants, immigrant children, and their chain immigration forever.

Whereas, with this proposal, given the current one million immigrants per year, the average family of four citizens will receive a tax rebate of approximately $13,000 a year. And the initial windfall of integrating the existing 20 million illegal immigrants into this proposed law, would mean an initial tax payment of approximately $260,000 to the average family of four citizens!

And the proposal insures that immigrants pay for it, by deducting an additional 30% tax from their wages. This also drives the wages for immigrants up by 30%, so that citizens' wages are not depressed as they are now under the cheap labor paradigm of illegal immigration.

The proposed law also insures that criminal immigrants are deported.

This also effectively stops immigrants from draining the USA of capital, since they will be remmitting 30% to US government, instead of to their families in their home country. It thus disincentivizes those immigrants who don't have a long-term commitment to become citizens and integrate into USA society and culture. The vast majority of immigrants I have spoken to say their goal is to accumulate capital and then return to their home country as a "king". This proposal stops this abuse of the USA.

This USA faces a massive economic depression and tax shortfall due to the retirement of the massive baby boomer generation. Social security and Medicare will be unfunded! The USA must replenish it's workforce, but do it in a way that incorporates a fair and correct economic structure. By giving the billions of people in the world an opportunity to immigrate to USA, if they are willing to sacrifice and work extremely hard (as dictated by a $1 million loan) as our forefathers did, then we will rejuvinate the US economy and bring back many of the jobs that have been outsourced. Corporations will suddenly see that China and India don't have as great a future as the USA. But without this proposal, the USA looks to be doomed economically, and that is why corporations are running away from the USA.

Contrary to some polls in which the context of the poll question greatly affects the results, the majority of US citizens see benefits from immigration, and they will be satisfied with a program that reduces crime and other ill effects of uncontrolled illegal immigration. Thus the only other viable political option for the anti-immigration movement, is to hope for an economic depression which will turn the general public radically against immigration, as jobs become scarce. This appears to be the direction we are headed. However, this sinks most boats, whereas the proposal lifts all boats.

The proposed $3000 filing fee helps to show that immigrant applicants have demonstrated the ability to work and save in their own country, and have a strong vested interest in the commitment they are making.

The clear legal structure, given that only citizens are allowed to vote, will disrupt the alleged plans of Mexico to reconquest the southwest of USA via illegal immigration and instant amnesty.

The clear trend of USA living is the wealthy are moving to ex-urban upscale communities (e.g. Aspen, Colorado), with immigrants focused in big cities. This significant tax rebates aid citizens to avoid the congestion of immigration, while also generating an economic boom in ex-urban development and lifestyle.

Pro-Immigration Appeasement

The proposal enables to pro-immigration proponents to move more rapidly on their plans to stimulate the globalization economy with immigration. With the impending economic crash due to the impending reduction of consumption coincident with peak of baby boomer age related spending by 2009 or 2010, there isn't much time to save the global economy. The pro-immigration lobby doesn't have time for any more delays, if they want to achieve their goals of a new world order of global prosperity. The alternative is delays, stumbling, and a global greater depression by 2011. That would mean a radical backlash against immigration and against all incumbant politicians. Heads will roll.

The $1 trillion per year in goverment debt created by the proposal is nothing compared the $2 trillion debt for Iraq war, the $1 trillion per year account deficit being racked up as the USA is drained of it's economic future. Because these are loans guaranteed with the labor of the immigrants, and the goverment wants to pump more dollars into the economy to keep the global economy running. This is a way to do it, which makes sense, and solves a major political roadblock to global prosperity.

The single biggest challenge facing the world right now, is how to integrate the low-wage economies into the high-wage economies without a greater depression to level the field.

With this proposal, pro-immigration proponents can increase immigration as much as they want within reason. Every citizen becomes happy to see a new immigrant, because it is money in the citizen's pocket.

This enables citizens to plan for their own retirement investing these funds how they please. This sidesteps the controversy over Social Security reform and solves the problem. This is in essense individual investment accounts funded by the worker replenishment program.

Bottom line is that in an election year, voting for this proposal would guarantee an incumbant's reelection, because every citizen would be getting a big $ check from the IRS every year!

It all fits together. Slam dunk!


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How would you engineer a new colony of freedom lovers? Empty re: How would you engineer a new colony of freedom lovers?

Post  Shelby Fri Jun 11, 2010 6:08 pm

Before you read my cooperative idea below, see the other EUREKA I had previously at following link: (scroll down to the "HERE IS THE BIG EUREKA" in big red)

Shelby on Nov 17, 2008 wrote:I have this crazy thought to get a bunch of silver & gold investors together and buy 10,000 acres in Patagonia and create an internal economy that is not taxed and all money is gold and silver. The idea would be that no outside currency can be used within the private grounds, and it would become it's own exporting economy. I haven't thought through all the details yet...

...I am sure the above idea can't work, as I think it goes against the Bible, but I need to take time to think about why and how.

Recently I wrote some very depressing analysis about how gold investment could be rendered impotent/futile, by taxation, especially as the world moves towards harmonization of law and governance in a unified one world government:

Here is your blueprint for a solution. Build it and they will come. It is basically a software program that will run on the internet and manage the corporate cooperative property...

The only LEGAL way (note I can think of many failure directed illegal ways such a community/state-based rebellion) I have thought of, to defeat that taxation power over precious metals capital gains (other than a mass tax revolt), is for a group of freedom lovers to organize a private community cooperative that was set up as a corporation in such a legal way that the govt would be unable to tax transactions within the private community. Disclaimer: I am not giving tax advice, please consult your own tax advisor. The idea is basically that all members of the cooperation would assign legal (the law external to the community) ownership of everything to the corporate cooperative. Thus all transactions inside the community would not be transfers of ownership, as pertains to the law external to the community. However, remember Waco and the government can deal forcefully without legal basis, but in my idea, the community would not exist in one place. It would be a corporation, that has property spread out all over the world as its cooperative!! That was the big epiphany! It will span across nations, thus it will be more NWO than the elite's NWO!

Then the community (cooperative cooperative) would have another set of operational rules as to how to most economically distribute resources within the community. Essentially this would be a free market model and essentially it would provide private ownership within the community, but these transactions would not be transfers of ownership relative to the external law (still owned by the corporation) and thus could not be legally taxed as transactions by the external government. One key rule is that only gold and silver and real goods could be traded within the community. Fiat transactions will not be actively prevented, but when they occur, they place the transaction under the jurisdiction of the external law. It would be actively enforced that all property brought inside in the community is the property of the corporation...see external trade below...

However, no private community can survive and prosper without external freetrade-- this is one major economic truth that supports the elite's move to NWO. I finally figured out a way to handle freetrade that would not provide a way for the elite to corrupt the community. All external trade must be balanced (imports == exports). Anyone looking to import something into the community, has to find someone wanting to export from the community. This is critical, because the community corporation will have no net money to spend and no taxes and no budget. Also it is crucial because under any external VAT law, there needs to be offsetting credits for finsihed products sold and raw materials purchased. The VAT must also be balanced. This will encourage the community import raw materials and export finished products.

As for criminal activities not pertaining to private property (since there would be no private property relative to the external law, as all owned by the corporation for the community), these would fall under the jurisdiction of the external law. All property issues would be handled internally by the community.

Note the idea of a corporation that owns all the property, but delegates it in a free market way, is very biblical. The bible says that God owns everything and we are only stewards. I really think I may have landed on a major epiphany. Look the USA owns all the dollars created. We are only stewards of them. It would be no different. The corporation would own all the gold, but each individual would possess the gold and control it and be the steward, as per the free market rules for distribution of the resources in the community. It is just like what Jesus said, "Render unto Caesar what is his, and render unto God his". So let the govt have their law about ownership (and render their tax impotent!!), and let God render who the stewards are.

So let me explain a bit more what i mean by "cooperative". This means that all new property produced from property of the cooperative becomes the LEGAL property of the cooperative. However by the free market rules of the cooperative, the individual who produced it, has possession and can trade it for other property in the cooperative, or even export it per there balanced external trade requirement above. Someone who steals from the cooperative (i.e. produces property and does not assign it's ownership to the cooperative or sells it external to cooperative without balancing the export with an import) could be subject to the external criminal law, because they have stolen from the cooperative. The cooperative can be seamlessly integrated into current society.

This is no different what you have now. You think you own your possessions, but the reality is the govt owns them, because they enforce your property rights and tax you, etc. What is the difference? The only difference is with the cooperative you wouldn't pay any taxes to the external law/govt.

The cooperative could be merely a computer program accessible on the internet. It's members would self-police it. Any theft from the cooperative would be alleged and brought to the external law. The external law would attempt to recover the property and return it to the cooperative and to put the violator in jail.

The problem I see with this idea, is that eventually govts will realize this is just a tax avoidance scheme, and outlaw such cooperatives. But how could they outlaw the concept of corporate property and not destroy all corporations? Hmmm. Would they say that any corporation that allows its shareholders to use and trade the corporate property is illegal? Hmmm. Seems govts would have a big problem. I suspect it would revolve around existing concepts of "did the shareholder use to property for producing more property for the corporation or did it benefit the shareholder's consumption/use". I guess I should not have an illusions about the ability of govt to conjure up suitable legal concepts. But let's consider the property of gold. If the shareholders are storing it for the corporation, they are providing a free service to the corporation, gold has no other utility (assuming it is illegal for the shareholder to lease out the gold).

The more I think about this, I realize it is unworkable.

The depressing taxation of gold hangs over our head. All we can do is bury it in the ground for several generations like they did in Dark Ages.


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How would you engineer a new colony of freedom lovers? Empty Re: How would you engineer a new colony of freedom lovers?

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