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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing?

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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty timeout

Post  Shelby Sat May 29, 2010 8:46 am

Ray I have to take a timeout to do some things.

I would like to understand what you are driving at? It seems as though you are saying that the power of the usury system is something we must submit to? And it also seems like you think it is preferable and a good balance? And it seems you don't believe the usury system (the bankster's power that backs the elite echelons) will ultimately fail some decades from now in the final failure of the world after one world is achieved? Rather you think there will be some sort of harmonious balance?

I really trying to understand how you mesh the injustice and increasing waste of capital (that is what bankruptcy means) of the system, with you stated desire that people be free and not enslaved.

You don't see the significance of a 33,900% change? In the 1800s, I could have saved in legal tender at a bank, and become 33,900% more wealthy than if I did the same thing in the 1900s. ( ) Although the evil are always scheming and laying plans, it is the effect that matters.

It is important, because I see their effects are accelerating, and thus their end is coming soon (I think decades only). This I assume you disagree with and specifically why and which aspect?

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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty thought about china

Post  Shelby Sat May 29, 2010 9:54 am

How can you hold in high esteem a country (the system and govt, the complicit aspects of the culture, not necessary all of its people) which murdered 100s of millions of its female babies over the past few decades?

We can say the same about the western countries, but at least their abortions didn't cause a structural deficit of females.

I say they are all trash models for the future. A death march. Is that what you want?

Okay i realize China is backing off the 1 child policy and the USA ended slavery, but then followed abortion madness which leaves western world in declining population, no youth to sustain their economies, and thus I repeat A DEATH MARCH for these "modern" societies.

This post is a bit off topic from the main focus on this thread. Focus on my prior post.


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty Re: Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing?

Post  R N Sat May 29, 2010 10:34 am

The pursuit of happiness was enshrined in the constitution as an inalienable right. (I said was, but I think the ink has faded, metaphorically at least) But what does it mean

Happiness is a state of mind, and because the state of individual minds vary considerably there can be no blanket defining of the material conditions necessary
for happiness.

I have witnessed unbridled happiness among people living in the most, to me, appalling conditions.

I also met up recently with a girl from my past. At the time I met her she was the young 17 year old daughter of a Dutch millionaire from Rotterdam. She was on holiday in the Bahamas with her mother, who did not discourage our 'friendship'..

I was even welcomed into their mansion home in Rotterdam when on a visit.

When I saw her lifestyle, real Rembrants on the wall, chauffeur driven car etc., I did not push the friendship further as I felt I could never keep up to that.

I told her this when we met again recently in London. She then told me how unhappy her life had been, and chastised me for my action based on an assumption. On one occasion she said she had tried to commit suicide. she was so unhappy with life.

Her life had not been happy since. She said money does not mean happiness. In fact, she had been 'saved', mentally, by help from her church which she had turned to.

I do believe that 'religion' can bring inner peace and contentment. But this does not have to be Christianity. It is only the clinging to their faith of the imprisoned Taliban that enables them to hold out and endure.

One, only today - a real Taliban captured fighter said that ' the Americans want me to give up my faith, and reject the Koran, but they could tear me to pieces, I would never, could never, do it.

So then what is it. Is there any thread which links all true happiness? Is there a visible outward sign of happiness. Is it measured by a long term trait, or can it be accepted as happiness, if it comes in short bursts?

Why are comedians generally very unhappy people when off stage, and many commit suicide eventually.

Would the world have advanced to the present stage if everyone was in a perpetual state of happiness?

Is it not dissatisfaction, inner restlessness, and desire, even a form of greed, which has brought us great material benefits?

Some of those are, to me, rhetorical.

Without a clear definition of happiness there can be no definitive answer, as in issuing a set of instructions as to how everyone can be happy. Even our sense of humour (what makes us laugh) can vary.

Strange that the humour most universally accepted is the visual kind - as in slapstick, animal antics, or that which is caused my the misfortune happening to someone else - lile slipping on a banana skin, or accidentally walking into a puddle of water you thought was shallow.

Some jokes do not translate, or the themes seen as funny between different cultures.

But then is laughter, a sign of happiness?

Lots to think about, and to question.

My ex wife, with whom I have a good relationship, gave me a small book some time ago called 'Happiness'. It is a booklet of various quotes on happiness. I will close with two of them. Thie first quite humorous by George Burns

"Happiness? A good cigar, a good meal, and a good woman -
or a bad woman. It depends on how much happiness you can handle."

But here's one by George Bernard Shaw

" ...........the only way to avoid being miserable is not to have enough leisure to be able to wonder whether you are happy or not...."

Maybe this is why some poor people are not as unhappy with their lot as we think they should be. They are too busy trying to stay alive (to survive) to contemplate on how unhappy they are, could be, or should be.

If you give them something to ease their burden, you are in danger of giving them more leisure time - then the rot sets in.


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty So thus entropy is alive and well?

Post  Shelby Sat May 29, 2010 8:46 pm

Ray your missive on happiness, supports the concept that entropy (possibilities) is (are) always trending to maximum.

This is why a one world centrally managed system (such as Bernanke's fantasy about being able to statistically stimulate happiness by central planning of unemployment aid programs, which I quoted in my prior post ) will fail in the end. It will be like a jail to most people.

I have a vision of end of mass production and the era of individualized production that attain similar economies-of-scale due to computerized manufacturing (think of CNC machines but combine nanotechnology, virtual reality, and other technologies). In this case, the power of the large corporation may vanish, and thus so may the power the elite.

Think of it like this analogy. Before only the corporations and govt could afford mainframe computers, then the PC was invented and look at all the control the mass media and the govt lost since then.

Actually this can cause them to lose control over money, when it goes digital and they no longer control main resources, because millions of people can manufacture little bots to undermine any attempt to monopolize natural resources (how do you stop quadrillions of individualized varied designs of nano-meter sized bots burrowing in the earth and extracting oil, gold, or whatever?). The power of the individual will increase, using only his/her computer and the network connected to the new machinary.

The world is going to change so much technologically, the elite are not going to be able to maintain control.

So now, go back and re-read this thread, and my statements will now make much more sense. You see it is confusing only until you understand what I know. Then it all becomes clear.

Buy gold and silver and hold on for the death of the socialism ( ). Those who believe in freedom will win.

Andrew wrote:Shelby believes that Satan is actively engaged in designing and delivering the destiny of these elites.

Shelby wrote:No I believe that entropy is trending to maximum.

And I have said buy gold and silver and do not attempt to short these markets, and have given the reasons why.

TPTB will attempt jack liquidity up and down and try to shake the trees to see how many gold and silver owners fall away.

Those who want to survive and prosper with their capital will buy physical and stop the nonsense in this gambling pit. And get on to doing something productive in their life to generate income other than losing all their capital in real terms (relative to price of gold) by gambling.

But if you would rather get back to the gambling, then please do. I will enjoy taking your capital, by simply doing nothing but holding physical gold.

My understanding of entropy enlightens to me that I must expect people to do many different things, and I must respect that their role is not right or wrong, it is just is.

Go forth and thanks for reading my views over the past few weeks.

Shelby wrote:When I wrote "no", I mean that for you to characterize the foundation of my belief to based on Satan, is false. I am founded in math.

Since I see that mathematically the so called "NWO" must fail (if it is ever even attained), and since I can reasonably assume that the centralized control over people is evil (because people like their individualized control and freedom), then I can say that the destiny of those elite who want to own everything is evil and will fail.

But that understanding is not fundamental to what forms my belief system. Which is again, mathematical and specifically the exponential function and entropy that are the fundamental law of nature.

Next time, if you are going to try to summarize someone's belief system, try to read more carefully and be more objective, rather than interject your own belief system. Which is obvious that you detest "religious beliefs", thus you try to mis-frame my beliefs as such.


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty Increased guns lead to less crime

Post  Shelby Mon May 31, 2010 11:16 am

This is a delayed rebuttal to discussion with Ray on prior page of this thread:

Vol. 17, No. 21 05/28/10
FBI Data Again Shows More Guns = Less Crime

Anyone needing proof that fanaticism for gun control hasn't waned on Capitol
Hill, that anti-gunners are -- as Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) put it
last year -- only waiting to "pick the time," should watch the video of
Mexican president Felipe Calderon's speech to Congress last week, versions
of which have been posted on
< > . When Calderon
asked that the federal "assault weapon" ban be re-imposed, a very large
number of U.S. Representatives and Senators present gave him a standing

However, on Monday the FBI released crime statistics
< > that should cause
the applauding anti-gunners to sit on their hands. The statistics indicate
that between 2008 and 2009, as gun sales soared, the number of murders in
our country decreased 7.2 percent. That amounts to about an 8.2 percent
decrease in the per capita murder rate, after the increase in our nation's
legal and illegal population is taken into account. And it translates into
about a 10.5 percent decrease in the murder rate between 2004, when the ban
expired, and the end of 2009. And finally, it means that in 2009 our
nation's murder rate fell to a 45-year low.


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty Total govt + govt regulations = 63% of economy in USA

Post  Shelby Fri Jun 04, 2010 4:42 pm

Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Spend-regulation <-- click

Note I had written recently that I thought it was about 70% last time I checked, and heading probably towards 90+% now. Well if you take the above 63% just for current spending and regulation compliance costs, and then you add on the current NPV (net present value in accrual accounting, ) of the future liability of all the people now LONG-TERM dependent on the govt (medicare, medicaid, social security, food stamps, etc), then I am confident that the govt share of the USA economy is well north of 90%.

This realization will hit soon...the USA economy is a hollow shell once the world stops accepting dollars and demands gold.

The USA economy must shrink to less than 10% of current when the world stops accepting dollars and demands gold. I doubt anyone has any idea what a 90% contraction looks like. The Great Depression was if I remember correctly a 30% contraction. The elite are I bet rubbing their hands together in gleeful preparation of a feast of chaos, war, and necessity of a world govt to erect order.


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty Socialism is a solution?

Post  Shelby Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:09 am

My comment about bottom:

Shelby wrote:re: Confused thinking by vox

Your solution to a failure being caused by socialism (due to fractional reserve debt is socialism, theft via inflation, and leads to a larger fascist govt), is to advocate more socialism, i.e. you want a centrally planned wealth redistribution. You are so confused about economics, and you are an example of why our system is socialist. You think you are capitalist, but you don't realize you are a socialist.

Read my prior post and think. Working for free is less costly and more educational than going to school (after a certain level of proficiency is obtained in school). Plus, you are being paid in experience, interaction with those who generate wealth, and networking. Do you realize how much it costs to provide the overhead for a company? You get that for free, by working for free. There are 7 billion people in the world, it is going to take a lot of production to employ them all. 6 billion people are going to be fighting for 1 billion jobs, until we all get productive and stop whining like a bunch of spoiled 5 year olds on the floor at Toys-R-US. Life is about production. You might even be able to sleep at work and order pizza on the company tab. Do you have any idea who you are competing with? I live in Asia, and I programmed CoolPage(.com, a million user product BEFORE friendster, mypsace, and facebook) from a Nipa Hut eating rice and vegetables only in a squatter community where I had dysentery and fever every week from all the unsanity conditions. Do you understand that my welder works very hard for $10 per day and lives in squalor and that is a very high salary here (3 - 5 times the normal salary for unskilled high school graduate).

Wake up westerners, you are getting ready to be hit by an economic tidal wave!


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty Let's gang up to steal from each other

Post  Shelby Wed Jul 07, 2010 4:56 pm

See my new comment at bottom of this article:

Shelby wrote:A fact is that societies that steal from each other, end up in great misery and poverty eventually.

I have defined 'socialism' and 'capital':

(also read the post higher on that page about the 10 manifestos of Communism)

"Socialism is the redistribution of capital from individual decisions to central managers"

The problem is that socialists do not understand the law of entropy (1st law of thermodynamics) that small things grow faster, i.e. a poor person can double his net worth in a day, buying a cold drink and selling it for double-price at a stoplight on a hot day. Whereas, central decision making and laws, destroy capital (they destroy the opportunity for small decisions that grow faster). Thus sure way to know that socialism is increasing, is when the governance is increasing as a percentage of the economy:

vox, your proposals all involve increased central decision making, which is socialism as I have correctly defined it (check also). You propose to steal from me, so do not expect me to be nice to you, you are a thief. Whereas, capitalism is equivalent to anarchy, where capital is free to maximize itself. Socialists like to use bogus environmental fear to scare people into anarchy is not superior to socialism:
(see Global Warming charts near bottom of linked post)

We see that when govt is in control, there are horrible disasters:

Socialism is a way (ganging up in central governance and fiat inflation) for a few people to steal, plunder, and manipulate the rest of us. The Bible warned us about this 2000 years ago, but we are STILL too stupid to listen: (8th commandment)

vox, there is no emotion, socialism is mathematically guaranteed to result in poverty, and thus eventually in dictatorship and/or fascism. Study history.

Countries that have small population relative to their large natural resource contribution to the economy (e.g. Sweden, Norway, Canada, Australia), are able to fund their socialism for some time. But eventually this will catch up with these countries as it has in USA, as socialism (as I have defined it) will eventually allocate more than 100% of the resources and even destroy the production of natural resources.

Yes vox, the wealth becomes highly distributed to those few who can buy the central decision makers in socialism. They get their hands on the creation of fiat money, then they buy the politicians. Rothschild told us this, "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws".

It seems you somehow assume that centralizd law making can somehow be made orthogonal to centralization of control and power. You propose more of what caused the wealth to inequitably distributed.

vox, I wrote "proficiency", I did not write "read and write". That means once you have obtained the necessary building blocks for your desired career, then putting that knowledge to work for a while, actually generates more knowledge than adding more degrees and education. The author of this article was writing also about people deciding to stay in college for a 2nd or higher degree and taking on more debt in the process. I found that college classes were too slow. I would not attend class, and learn all the material from the book the night before the exam, and then usually got in the mid to high 90s in score (out of 100). I spent the rest of the time in the library learning what one would learn during their masters thesis, and also actually working and even creating my own software projects. Each person has to decide their own personal optimal mix of formal education and applied education. That makes a free market. The author's point is that taking on more debt beyond a point of diminishing return in incremental additional education, is more costly and less advantageous than applied education which can get one closer to earning an income. And I have added that apprenticeship actually earns an income, because you are getting many overhead items for free (things that I had to pay for when I did my own 'for profit' projects).

Yes I know that minimum wage is a way to steal from the poor. Due Coase's Theorem, the free market (economics) always routes around subsidies. Business will simply leave and go to where the labor is priced freely (the most competitive). If somehow a world govt is able to dictate that wages should be higher every where, then capital will be destroyed (see my definitions and math above), and thus more people will not have jobs.

You simply don't understand the basic laws of nature. One can not mandate the free market without destroying opportunity cost and thus destroying capital. As I said, you don't understand economics at all. But most economists don't understand either. They have been taught a bunch of nonsense by the bankster controlled educational and mass media system.

I proposed they walk away from their student loan and never pay it. Declare bankruptcy. Then go work for free for 1/10 of the years they would have been working to pay their debt. In that time, get a free place to sleep and eat, and build a huge reservoir of experience and connections in the industry. And then emerge from bankruptcy with a super high paying position and become extremely wealthy. Instead you propose to have govt mandate "solutions" that destroy capital and you propose to have students go further into debt and debt slavery.

You are the banal slave driver. I am the light of freedom and prosperity.

Bring on the debates!

P.S. The great thing about this working for free sleeping floor and food idea, is that it completely wipes out the govt's ability to regulate and destroy capital! And I slept on the floor and ate pizza in the office during most of my best software programming performances. It was actually fun and exciting to be so engaged in a project.

Also realize that as an entrepreneur, I had to put up my months of unpaid effort before a product was released that I could sell. Working for free (sleeping floor and food) is a similar investment in one's future earning capability, as one owns all the knowledge gained. Interestingly as automation increases, labor becomes more knowledge based, which means the employee keeps most of his work in his brain and owns it!

Gary North:

Gary North wrote:...The reason why the Federal government has so much money and power to implement these plans is because the general population a century ago surrendered such power to the Federal government, and did it on principle. The reason why so many socialist plans get funded by the Federal government is because the public really does like socialism. The public likes the idea of being able to take money from one group and transfer it to another group. The voters think that they will be members of the group that receives the money, not members of the group that has it stolen from them. They are fools, he said, but only in believing that they will not ultimately pay the price. They are not fools in desiring to get the money, given the fact that they believe in the legitimacy of coercive wealth distribution by state power. If you believe in the coercive power of the state, you're a fool if you don't attempt to get in control of it...

...The problem is not the conspiracies; the problem is the corruption in the hearts of the people. The fact that the voters would allow and even promote the creation of the modern welfare state is indicative of the fact that larceny is in their hearts. It does no good to replace one conspiracy with another conspiracy if you leave the system intact that enables the conspiracies to gain power.

This goes back to the famous chapter 10 in F. A. Hayek's book, The Road to Serfdom. The chapter is titled, "Why the Worst Get on Top." Hayek argued that the modern socialist state, meaning the modern welfare state, encourages the worst people to get on top, because the worst people are the most successful in seeking and maintaining power.

Because central economic planning centralizes power, it grants to the state the right to confiscate the wealth of the public. We should not expect kindly people to be successful in the pursuit of power within such a system. We will find, and what we have found, is that the most ruthless people seek out the levers of power, precisely because the levers of power enable them to achieve their goal: control over other people...


Shelby wrote:Outsourcing is accelerating

Recent Celente interview talks about this:

I know many people in Cebu who have recently gone from abject poverty to being extremely high paid in call centers at $400 per month. This is about 3 - 4 times higher than the normal salary would receive here at their education level.

Please read my prior comments.

Here is the link to the company in Cebu that is hiring so many people lately.

They do phone support for example for the cell phone companies in USA.

What is really striking is that people who had applied numerous times to be call center agents and were denied numerous times over the past 2 - 3 years, are now being snapped up and paid $400 salaries (that is roughly equivalent to a $5000 salary in USA in terms of status in society).

So I definitely sense first hand with numerous examples, the acceleration in outsourcing as Western companies respond to the depression, by cutting costs on labor.

Shelby wrote:Overpopulation not causing unemployment

We could produce enough food for the 7 billion in a land area smaller than Texas. Overpopulation is not a problem, not even close.

What is causing unemployment is the mis-allocation of capital due to over use of debt for decades.

Debt is socialism and theft as I have explained at above link.

To restore full employment, we need to restore the gold and silver money system, as explain in above link, savers were 33,900% more wealthy in the 1800s than 1900s.

As automation and technology has increased, it should be fostering many new jobs, but the problem is the mis-allocation has retarted everything. For one thing, the west wouldn't have been so lopsidedly more wealthy than the developing world, without the fraud of debt fiat system that has enslaved the world.

Shelby wrote:Opportunity cost of college degree

Denninger runs some computations at above link.


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty Congressman say Feds can do anything at irrate Town Hall meeting

Post  Shelby Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:24 am


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty Leadership?

Post  Shelby Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:43 pm


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty Aaron Russo : Mad As Hell!

Post  Shelby Sat Aug 14, 2010 8:25 am


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty English professor arrested for refusing to play word games in Starbucks!

Post  Shelby Wed Aug 18, 2010 8:22 pm

Threatened with arrest and kicked out by the police:

The academic, who is in her early 60s, particularly resented being to forced to state that she did not want butter or cheese on her bagel.

Many cafes ask customers whether they would like such extras with their orders in an attempt to boost takings.

She told the New York Post newspaper: "I refused to say 'without butter or cheese.' When you go to Burger King, you don't have to list the six things you don't want.

"Linguistically, it's stupid, and I'm a stickler for correct English."
Prof Rosenthal added: "The barista said, 'You're not going to get anything unless you say butter or cheese!'"

She claims the manager of the Starbucks on the Upper West Side of Manhattan called the police as the spat escalated. Officers threatened the customer with arrest unless she left the shop and agreed not to return.

A Starbucks staff member who witnessed the clash accused Prof Rosenthal of taking an aggressive tone. They said: "She would not answer. It was a reasonable question."

Perhaps she could have offered to read the entire Websters of nouns just to be clear she didn't want any of those things on her food.

My gosh what totalitarian/retarded mess when now we are even forced to say unnecessary words to order food.

It is closely related to giving people spoons, instead of shovels, so there are more jobs. Once the society enters that "society is responsible for me" mental state, you will get all kinds of this happening.


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty Solution

Post  Shelby Tue Aug 24, 2010 5:19 pm

Shelby wrote:Buy silver, it will only take 1% of us doing that to bankrupt centralization:

Those who don't buy any will be destitute. We will have to help them by investing our silver. We will be millionaires and billionaires.

Nice solution eh

One threat caveat:


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty Rising taxes

Post  Shelby Sun Sep 05, 2010 12:31 am

Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Depres10 <--- click for article


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty Delay = Catastrophe

Post  Shelby Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:14 pm

Shelby wrote:Rick, actually Mr. Tomlinson is correct that west doesn't need manufacturing per se, it needs to adjust to a net exports balance productive stance in its core strengths, but the reason the western economies are not quickly and positively adjusting to good globalization is because the elite who want bad globalization are destroying the real-time feedback loop in markets that would cause people to make the correct decisions about their present and future: (Jocelyn is me) (Good Globalization)

Rather, Rick from your past comments on this site, you propose to introduce more delay and false promises, thus aiding the elite (and playing right into their strategy as they expect you to) in causing a worse catastrophe that will hand them control in a global grab, aka "rescue" or world war:

Why invest in $0 wages?

Furthermore, manufacturing is being automated and eventually it will add no value and pay no wages. In the next 10 - 20 years, designs fed into a computer will be built and replicated by a nanotechnology bot. The valued added is the services, the design, the engineering, the integration of components, marketing, analysis, etc..

Americans would have a long time ago been more motivated to invest in the future, had their motivation not been turned upside down by the manipulation of interest rates:

But the Americans demanded this manipulation and of course supply will always rise to meet demand:


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty Knowledge is the new money, and it isn't free

Post  Shelby Wed Sep 15, 2010 11:32 am

Originally written 04-17-2008, 03:53 AM:
shelby wrote:
dash wrote:...In the world I envision human labor is not valuable, or indeed required, because the machines will do all the boring rat-race grunt work people are doing today. In today's world, all money is a representation of human labor. Money as exists today will not exist tomorrow...

Even today, money is not a representation of labor, in fact labor is very cheap and getting cheaper all the time. Money is representation of relative knowledge.

If you could succeed in making everything free as you asserted (see my prior post), then there would be no relative knowledge, as proved today:


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty Insurance = statism

Post  Shelby Sat Sep 18, 2010 7:14 am

The entire blog page at following link is incredibly informational:

Shelby aka Jocelyn wrote:The irony of the statist is he feigns rationalism as his argument, but statism is easily demonstrated to be irrational, i.e. logically incongruent with itself. I suppose that is why some anarchists scratch their head and conclude that desire for statism must be correlated to insufficient IQ, but not just any kind of IQ, rather the economic generative essence sort of reasoning capability.

Thus statism and the resultant loss of life is an evolutionary filter, that will increase the generative essence IQ of mankind.

> I also wrote the gateway is narrow, but I mean that most people won’t find the door. Anarchy is already occurring for some people.

Some people are already living in anarchy. They accomplish this by reducing their opportunity cost to near 0 for all forms of power created by democracy-by-proxy. They expend 0 effort trying to defeat statism for others. Realize the math of the N! factorial scaling law is such that diverse interactions among small groups of 100 to 1000 people can increase their knowledge beyond any capability of the rest of humanity:

"Do you know how fast N! scales where N is the number of possible independent actors and N! is the possible sets of permutations of connections?

5! = 125
10! = 3628800
100! = 9.3e+157"

Add 1000! = 4.0e+2567

> Insurance is mathematically equivalent to statism. If you can’t devise adequate security reliability, then insurance can’t either.

It seems that insurance is one of the last math hurdles for anarchist-to-be. Insurance pools capital and makes statistical predictions about the category being insured. But the anarchist N! math is that real-time change is necessary in order to maximize knowledge, i.e. optimum fitness for each situation requires each actor be uncorrelated/unconstrained in the future (agreement in the present is okay). If that is not sufficient to explain why insurance is mathematically equivalent to statism, then please reply and I will explain it exhaustively.

> He said the men are so feminine, that they prefer a bossy/dominant woman.

Please realize I am not excluding individual cases, as I argued in my white hot coals and blocks of ice heterogeneous analogy, the average obfuscates the diversity.

One of the planks of the Communist Manifesto is “no oppressed child labor, no submissive barefoot and pregnant women”. Everything is supposed to be equal, e.g. women as a category are supposed to be as good as men in math but standardized tests show they are not. The statist argues that this is environmental and can be “fixed” with a proper public education and sterilization policy. So it is no big surprise that the birth rates in Europe are extinction level, and for another reason being children are universally undesirable because their labor is taboo.

Shelby aka Jocelyn wrote:@Roger Phillips
> We have had free universal healthcare for years and yet we are not growing a deficit.

That is a cash accounting statistics. Do the actuarial accounting and you find a huge unfunded liability that implodes your economy in the end. Do not forget to include the low birth rates in the calculation.

> Ireland, New Zealand, Israel all have universal, free health care, and all have birth rates higher than the US.

The correlation being debate earlier was relative to statism, not the small subset of universal health care. Obviously some countries are younger in their adoption of statism and haven't yet reaped the "benefits" of the Communist Manifesto plank on the elimination of children. Do we need to refute your mistake 7 times?

@Tom DeGisi
> It is often said that communism would work well if humans were ants. Well, anarchism would work well if humans were bears.

> You make legislation to regulate every insect on planet earth, especially ants.
> Can they stomp all the ants on earth? Somethings are just impossible.
> Afaik, ants form an N! virtual information network even though their physical network is hierarchal bifurcating tree.

Ants and bees are anarchists, they use N! factorial virtual network scaling law.

Their physical network is not N! factorial, but rather a bifurcating tree gaining statism trunk-wise (queen bee/ant).

Although they are statist in their protection of their physical trunk, the orthogonal colonies (one can even view small, large, red, black colonies operating side-by-side but not communicating with each other) form redundancy.


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty Re: Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing?

Post  Shelby Sat Sep 18, 2010 3:08 pm

Shelby aka Jocelyn wrote:@Winter
> Market economies generate a lot of wealth. However, they seem to be pretty bad in distribution it.
> I am told that there are no empirical ways to prove the correctness of the anti-statist theses

"Sorry to beat a dead" duck, there is some historical evidence that anti-statism (aka anarchy) distributes wealth more equitably and increases prosperity faster.

Winter I genuinely believe that you believe in your public health, public education, long-life, public safety, equitable wealth, civilized society, etc.. That is the grotesque nature of statism-- it lies to its own before it eats them. The signature of statism is to expect its members to gleefully spout how wonderful it is to ignorantly poison+addict, indoctrinate, cannibalize, dis-arm, steal, and barbarize each other.

Some Guy named Timothy wrote a fairy tale about this phenomenon, "For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, [...] Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth [...] But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as their's also was". And even another warning was given, "Now listen to them; but warn them solemnly and let them know what the king who will reign over them will do". But the people refused, "'No!' they said. 'We want a king over us. Then we will be like all the other nations, with a king to lead us and to go out before us and fight our battles'". And then the fairy tale was fulfilled as promised, "Now go [...] and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass".

Shelby aka Jocelyn wrote:@The Monster
>> Crime is a free market.
> No, it isn’t. When a burglar breaks into my home [...] I did not freely enter into the transaction. He imposed it upon me by force.

Actually crime is a free market. The other things you mentioned were your statist attempts to avoid the annealing of the free market. It is each person's responsibility to effect his/her ownership. If you allow the burglar to break in and you did not shoot him, then you lose, and that is the way the free market teaches us (anneals to) several things:

1. Don't pretend I own that which I do not. There is a fairy tale that says we are just stewards.
2. Don't ignore the poor.
3. Don't blame others for my failures.
4. Secure things which I own, which I don't think the poor need more than I do (e.g. if I am investing to lift them up more than they could).
5. Don't let capital sit idle because I am too inept to use it to lift the poor up.

Statism is simply a result of the inability of men to submit to the free market. The anarchist-to-be who claims public property rights enforcement (or insurance which is the same statist poison), is incongruent in his/her expectations.

The new economy makes it even easier to accept and embrace the free market, because orthogonal (referentially transparent) knowledge (aka sharing, even monetized so lets call it transacting), benefits from being stolen (shared). Tada!

Linus Law again.

Note what I mean above is that theft (sharing) of software enables it to be popular enough that people who find it more convenient, will pay for it.

Copute is designed to make it possible for creators to move back to closed-source, because the interfaces are referentially transparent (open) and granular. Each person can fix a bug by replacing the closed-source snippet.

Shelby aka Jocelyn wrote:@Adam
> A free market is a market free of force and coercion

False. It is a market free of forward contracts, including the statist variety.

The anarchist-to-be who does not understand that most fundamental point is hopelessly conflicted and will not accomplish much.

I wrote a long comment explaining this in more detail, but it was censored.

But it doesn't matter, because I am publishing all my comments to several different blogs. Truth can not be stopped.

Shelby aka Jocelyn wrote:@Winter
> Is your biggest fear really that someone might profit from your work? That predicts a rather unfriendly anarchistic society.

I dealt with that in my prior comment which was censored. Actually the anarchist model I proposed, insures that everyone profits, because all knowledge is orthogonal and benefits from being stolen (aka shared). I have made the point numerous times in the past few blogs that open source does not cannibalize profits, rather it prioritizes speed of integration. We were put on this earth to love each other, and that means to accelerate our priorities towards the greatest benefits for the most in need. The difference between the anarchist and the statist, is the later proposes to accomplish it by force, which incongruent to the goal. Unfortunately our moderator thinks this is "nutty", but what will be "nutty" is the decision to ban the messenger of the idea that changes the world. I am recording this by posting these to numerous blogs with links back here, so we can made our resident censor more famous for this than his Linus Law.

Shelby aka Jocelyn wrote:It is particularly relevant to this anarchy thread, to ponder the non-narcissist, algorithmically correct response when potentially asked in the future about Copute, "Should Eric Raymond be demoted to 'the guy who censored [the messenger of] an idea that radically improved the world'?".

Seems it would be mathematically superior to answer before it is asked-- publish soonest and often.

In a free market, although it is ironic that Raymond scolds Apple for insufficient openness on its iPhone app store, Apple and Raymond both have the freedom to censor what they allow their users to see and use, even after both creator and users have already a vested mutual interest dependent on the gatekeeper.

Coase's theorem will decide if a gatekeeper's authority should be reduced or increased. I understand that both the surety contract (e.g. promise of no censorship) and the centralized decision (i.e. authority) distort the optimum annealing of the free market, but so would no authority and imposition of the will of a spammer on all users.

Spam (aka trolling) is mathematically defined as very low information content, as correlated to the users' interests. A gatekeeper's interests that diverge from the users' interest, will not be respected by Coase's theorem. I have algorithm ideas about how blog software should enable the users to select what they want filtered, but we don't have that capability yet in this case.

So the answer is finally that if such a characterization of Raymond's legacy becomes popular, then "should?" is no longer relevant.

I hope that logic has freed our emotions to carry on with more productive endeavors.

Note this has been posted to numerous blogs in order to minimize the potential re-routing damage inflicted by Coase's theorem.

Note the reason I am posting as "Jocelyn" is because Eric Raymond had banned my true identity "Shelby Moore" last year.

Shelby aka Jocelyn wrote:@Jocelyn
> Better model for attacking tyranny is one that is popular, then anonymity is not relevant [...] More effective
> to work on popular models which the entire Iranian population will use that are like termites to statism.

China as evidence.

Note the above post was censored by Eric Raymond.


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty Re: Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing?

Post  Shelby Fri Sep 24, 2010 3:42 am

Shelby aka Jocelyn wrote:> Why can’t we all have the amount and kinds of regulation and redistribution we want?

Because of the iron law of political economics is such that the dead-weight *must* metastasize and eventually kill the host, due to power vacuum between what individuals want (their opportunity cost) and the group's opportunity cost which can be forced on individuals.

Cycles of socialism catastrophe is what we get until individuals have the technological capacity to ignore the will of the majority, i.e. the power vacuum is eliminated.


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty States are doing Enron accounting

Post  Shelby Thu Sep 30, 2010 11:10 pm

Bad things coming next year.


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty Centralized policy causes Minsky moment (abrupt) change

Post  Shelby Sat Oct 02, 2010 1:21 am

I have started to comment at world reknowned Dr. Chris Martenson's blog:

Shelby wrote:Most people think sovereign bonds interest rates must rise soon, but afaics, they fail to understand the nature of the global debt trap we are in:

Dr. Martenson, the most fundamental aspect that causes abrupt change, i.e. Minsky moments, is that centralization of policy prevents optimum annealing.

Or more generally stated, the universe is trending to maximum disorder, and pockets of exponential order along the way, implode back to trend exponentially. Failure to comprehend the exponential quality of nature, i.e. entropy, is the greatest human inability.

A person I often agree with, the monetary PhD scientist Antal Fekete has postulated that the Yuan is strong.

But the reason that I disagree with him is very relevant to why tariffs do not work.

The centralization of fitness is always a weakness. Maximum annealing to optimum fitness only occurs with a free market of individual trials. I am sure Dr. Fekete understands why I say, this is why only gold is money.

For the specific weaknesses of China's centralized economic and monetary policy, read my recent article.

Note I recently wrote a scholarly research paper about the theory of annealing fitness and free markets. That research derives or fits into a theory of the universe that I have proposed as a way to unify Einstein's General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics (Quantum Information). (note I am planning to study "Q-Orders" as potential self-similarity case of "frequency" in my theory)

As for Peak Oil, we have more Natural Gas in the world that we know what to do with, and cars run just as well with CNG as they do on gasoline or diesel, losing only 10% power if a $1000 conversion kit is employed on a gas engine without compression ratio increase. Honda's CNG Civic is equivalent to gas in performance, except your cost per mile drops significantly due to the fact that CNG is much less expensive per energy unit than gas. And we can make our own CNG in our back yard from human and animal feces, or even from any organic matter. Also nuclear and then later nanotech will reduce the cost of energy significantly. Those who like to quote EROEI, forget that energy efficiency is a function of technology, since everything (i.e. my definition of 'matter') that is not infinitely disordered, contains some energy. It is the relative order that allows energy to do useful work.

However, we are likely to see Minsky moments with respect to oil, because of the non-optimum annealing rate due to centralized policy of many genres. This is just the way nature deals with change.

I made a follow up comment:

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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty Forward selling gold for "LBMA spot"

Post  Shelby Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:24 pm


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty Big mess solved by individual action

Post  Shelby Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:19 am

Shelby wrote:Rick we already had this debate and you did not reply to the final conclusion:

The new information I want to offer is that the big socialism mess ("Great Harlot system") is going to die irregardless of how you try to save it:

The only options forward are individual decisions to come out of the big mess. The political non-solutions you are suggesting, won't work to save the big mess of socialism.

Rick you do realize you are being a socialist, when you want collective action?

Shelby wrote:re: France & Economics 101

Rick, you are conflating the issues.

Some of France's main reasons for economic success are the individual actions:

1) their women make enough babies, unlike rest of EU, so they do not have horrific funding crisis due to declining population and youth.

2) Their INDIVIDUAL small farmers right for their individual interests and resist being used as pawns for nationalistic collective action (as is your proposed tariff):

The above free market individual actions are enough apparently to offset some of the negative socialistic pursuits of the unions in France:

Rick you simply don't understand Economics 101. If you manipulate (distort) the pricing of the market, you distort the market supply and demand, but nature always finds a way around your manipulation and thus your manipulation is a misallocation of resources and will come crashing down with great loss to those who participated.

You ask what individual actions we can do to escape the socialism and fascism we have now? Well certainly not adding more socialism (amazing you try to fix your problem by making it worse and adding to power of those who are manipulating you and you can't even see that!).

Well for one, buy gold and silver and save more. Second, move out the USA, or move to a rural area to lower expenses to near 0, and take up farming and a vocation on the internet. I am paying big money for programmers, graphic design, etc.

Rather you waste our time and effort with your nonsense proposal to distort of the market even more, which of course the politically connected will profit from most. I will sure I computer program (social networking, etc) ways around your tariff.

End of debate. It is nonsense. You don't get it.


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Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing? - Page 3 Empty Re: Is Capitalism or is Socialism increasing?

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